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Diamond Knife Honing Steel 26cm

Product Number: 3049705126W

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  • About This Product

About This Product

A sharpening rod with a diamond coating, which should be used for dull or moderately sharp knives. The special shape of the diamond grit on the sharpening rod ensures exceptional sharpening of the knife blade. The result: a smooth, sharp edge. Diamond sharpening rods are available in fine and normal grit. As these rods remove a tiny amount of metal from the knife, we recommend an additional WÜSTHOF Honing Steel for daily or weekly sharpening.

Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for effectively sharpening knives in your own home.
  • Flat shape produces an optimum edge on the knives.
  • The rod is made of a core of solid stainless steel.
  • Each rod can have up to 2 million diamond grains on the surface.
  • The extremely fine grit guarantees a smooth cutting edge.
  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects.

Care Instructions